A downloadable game for Android

Explore a giant world made of blocks and modify it with your own creations. Construct houses, build entire villages, cities, monumental constructions or dig deep underground.

Place torches or design complex electric circuits to light up your creations in the dark and enjoy beautiful day and night cycles.


  • Infinite terrain, seamlessly streamed
  • 150+ materials to build with (spheres, tubes, etc.)
  • Electric circuits (light sensors, switches, wires, light bulbs
  • Inking system to color blocks and lights
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Build-In World Gallery: Share you creations with the community
  • Living world with animals
  • Easy accessibility, Simple controls


The Download is the LITE-version of Discovery for the Oculus Quest. The LITE version is identical to the full-one, except for a few locked materials. The Multiplayer part and Online World Gallery are currently in BETA status. So there can be "minor" issues.

The full version will be available through Oculus App Lab and then this version here will be deprecated.

Have fun!





Ah ... btw. .... if you're looking for a version of Discovery which supports VR (on all Headsets) and Non-VR gameplay and Windows 10, as well as MacOS then consider wishlisting the Steam version which will be released in H2/2021.

Install instructions

To install the game use SideQuest or ADB.


discovery_lite_20210727.apk 57 MB

Development log


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This is totally Minecraft...in VR.

Just go get the mod instead, and add shaders

why does half of the screen go black when i jump walk look or just play the game all i can do is just place and break blocks plz help

vivecraft but not

pp but

Yoooo. I remember playing this back in middleschool, and now it has vr? Radical!

ah yes, minecraft


how to download

No can't download

How long till we can do multiplayer

sry only on Oculus App Lab



how do i install on quest



Beast game i ever sideloaded


Grew up with this game man, always loved the atmosphere. It's perfect man, always reminded me of like old atmospheric playstation 1 games for some reason. Wish it would get an update for IOS so I could still play it on mobile.


Why all the hate? This is a decent game that shows a lot of promise. I'm so happy noowanda is working on this for the Quest as there is currently no official Minecraft release and this scratches that itch.

Graphics are really decent considering the platform, and the rendering is prettier than vanilla MC. I had quite a bit of fun with it on PSVR. Although, one thing I hope we get in upcoming releases is cave generation.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the full release!

Deleted 315 days ago
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people got given a quest on Christmas or their birthday


and there is no official minecraft for quest

Why do people even leave shit comments like this *rolls eyes*

Deleted 315 days ago

if you want pretty just go to art station bro

just F off this game is good it has physics unlike Minecraft this game is better

Deleted 315 days ago

Because not everybody can:

A. Afford a high-tier PC capable of running Virtual Reality AND Java Minecraft; Most VR Rigs cost almost $500 without the added computer, which can easily run up to $1000 with just the minimum VR specs;

B. Not a lot of people want to do the overly-complex task of modding an Oculus Quest to run the SamsungVR version of Minecraft, just to keep needing a Xbox controller(or other bluetooth input).

And the game does not look awful, at all. That character model, absolutely doesn't look nice, but the average appearance of the game is better than most of the same genre(of minecraft clones; take Voxel Works Quest, for example).

Deleted 315 days ago

You are blatantly disregarding the facts I have laid before you, as far as points A & B are concerned. You can still hold you unusual grudge towards the art style, but that's just what it is; art. And guess what? Art won't always blow your mind; sometimes, art just gets a reaction, and apparently, it gets such a strong reaction out of you; you decided to go so far out of your way to lambast a FREE game, whereas you can easily see the opinions are overwhelmingly positive. Just because you don't like it, for personal opinionated reasons, doesn't mean you have to attack those that like it, or even want to give it a shot.

bro chill not everyone has minecraft besides its kinda hard to set up, and this is just a simple two clicks to play, besides people have played this game before minecraft

Because we want a game like minecraft on vr but you can only get it on pc vr not any of the stand alone headsets no need for the hate

Deleted 315 days ago

he’s not five he’s probably older than you

I'm 18 queer

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because your fucking retarded lmfaooo 

June 13th 2003

okay i may be against you in this argument but honestly you are right about this


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anyone know which file click to play this game?

can I play this without VR?

This is the Oculus Quest version, so it's VR-only. The Steam version (see above) will support VR and non-VR. 

Thanks! also idk if its free on steam, but thank you for the info!

nm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°  ) mn

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i'm actually sorry about me calling this a minecraft ripoff. (i mean it looks alot like minecraft tho tbh)


i dunno


so a minecraft rip off?

its more original than any game you will make 

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It's actually an infiniminer clone :P

minecraft to lul


jokes on you because i dont know how to make games ;-;( or is  it jokes on me?)